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Internal auditor

The diversity of profiles is the first characteristic of the profession of internal auditor, which is aimed at both experienced employees and young graduates.
Auditeur interne Internal audit © Orano


To audit accounting and financial activities, evaluate staff management or regulatory compliance of a project: internal auditors are assigned a very broad spectrum of missions, in France or abroad.

Their role consists of meeting departments across all the group’s divisions, to assess risk management and the robustness of the processes – and then suggesting practical recommendations. In this job, curiosity and dynamism are essential!


“Internal audit is rarely an objective in itself: it is a path to excellence taking full advantage of your experience and broadening your skills. It is a very good place to start in the group or a way to move into a new role.”

Olivier, Internal Audit Director… the operation of Orano's business units holds no secrets for him.

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