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A job, a path to self-accomplishment

Orano Group offers a wide range of jobs demanding high technological and scientific skills. From mining to engineering, from radiation protection to decommissioning and waste management, find out about our many careers.
Jennifer Girod, Tricastin plant. Jennifer Girod, Tricastin plant. © Eric Larrayadieu / Orano
Safety Engineer
Risk analysis, management of safety standards, team training, etc. are the safety engineer's missions.
Chemical Plant Foreperson
The foreperson operates in the control room and in the production building to ensure that the chemicals process runs smoothly.
Radiation Safety Officer
This position involves ensuring the radiological safety of employees and facilities, and developing the surveillance program.
Internal auditor
The diversity of profiles is the first characteristic of the profession of internal auditor, which is aimed at both experienced employees and young graduates.
Investigations project manager in a highly radioactive environment
Safety, specialised expertise and cutting-edge technologies are the three keywords of this field role.
Process engineer
Designing and analysing innovative processes to meet the challenges of energy and the environment is our process engineers' main focus.
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