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Unpacking nuclear

Nuclear power has a future ahead of it, because it is a competitive, low-carbon energy capable of supplying safe and plentiful electricity. It's up to us to prove it.
What we are eager to do with this section is to help you better understand our activities, provide you with answers to your questions, make this energy resource accessible to you, central as it is to the energy transition challenges that face us all, so that everyone can make up their own minds about nuclear energy.

(Almost) all about uranium at Orano

Uranium is a heavy metal that occurs naturally in the earth’s crust and even in seawater. Uranium is found in various types of ore and is about 1,000 times more abundant than gold!

Dismantling : Orano's global strengths

Dismantling nuclear power plants is a lengthy process that takes operators far from their core business.

Mining: Recipe for yellowcake


(Almost) all about plutonium


All About France's Multi-years Energy Program PPE


All about radioactive waste in France

Gérer les déchets radioactifs, qu’ils soient de haute ou de moyenne activité, est un devoir de responsabilité à l’égard des générations futures.

All about used fuel processing and recycling

French expertise in used fuel recycling offers a lasting solution to the issue of nuclear waste.  

Nuclear energy, France's 3rd-largest industrial sector

Nuclear energy is currently France's 3rd-largest industrial sector. A sector representing 220,000 non-relocatable skilled jobs, spread over 2,500 companies throughout the country. 
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