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Over 1200 jobs createdaround Orano sites
2020 best wishesWe wish you a happy new year, full of energy... And low carbon
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They make Orano1218km bike ride : Loïc Czarneki's challenge
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La PPE a confirmé la filière de traitement-#recyclage pour la gestion des combustibles nucléaires usés. Le multi-recyclage représente une solution d’avenir réaliste #nucléaire #industriedufutur #Orano https://t.co/s2wD7fuSzy
World leader in recycling used nuclear fuels
Adventurers' stories
Women and men with varied talents, sharing the same passion for our businesses, a strong commitment to meeting the challenge of low-carbon energy.
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€300 M invested in the safety of the facilities
Orano wins two new dismantling contracts in Germany
RT @OranoMelox: 😉 #topjobs à pourvoir aussi dans notre usine ! 🔝 https://t.co/QrTP07SNJe
International industrial group
Nuclear medicine
Nuclear medicine against cancer
Business Innovation
Performance & Competitiveness
+ 10 Over 10 years of revenue in order backlog
[PR] French people and nuclear energy: knowledge and perceptions https://t.co/xbuu4yt8Tz
RT @lemondelenergie: Dans le cadre du @DebatPNGMDR à Rouen sur le transport des substances radioactives, éclairage à lire:"Le transport des…
99,5% Uranium utilization rate above 99.5%
16,000 employees worldwide
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Half-year resultsfor 2019
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EMTN Programmefor 2019
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Industrial innovation
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Innovating to meettomorrow’s challenges


Over 750 new talents hired on permanent contracts in 2018

Top 3 Global Top 3 in our key activities

Today Orano


A new story
is beginning
with a new vision
for the future,
an expertise
across the entire
fuel cycle
and the ambition
to give nuclear energy
its full value

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Collective intelligence is a mainstay of Orano. As a central component of our organization, it creates relationships that are demanding, like our activities, while enhancing our employees’well-being. It enables them to progress in their job and construct a well-planned career in a broad range of activities. It contributes to training and the acquisition of new skills in approach aimed at excellence.

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