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Melox Plant (France)
Used to produce electricity in France since 1960s, nuclear is a mature and safe energy source. Central to this source of energy is the nuclear fuel, a product with multiple facets.

Did you know 96% of nuclear used fuel can be recycled by sorting its different components? Did you know uranium can be extracted from the ground without digging deep mines? Did you know Orano built the world’s first nuclear used fuel recycling plant, la Hague, in 1966?

Find out more about nuclear fuel and discover some projects carried out by Orano through Our Stories featuring an array of people, places and most advanced technologies.
Kazakhstan: Mining with no mine
The Katco mine in Kazakhstan is one of the largest ISR operations in the world and currently Orano’s leading uranium production site...
Comurhex II: the conversion plant of the future
Orano launched a far-reaching project to strengthen its operating safety and reduce its environmental footprint: the Comurhex II Project...
Orano la Hague Plant
The Orano la Hague plant has evolved over the years and is on the cutting edge of used fuel recycling and nuclear materials recycling...
MOX: Recycling Nuclear Energy
Orano is the only company to produce MOX fuel assemblies, at the Melox plant in France...
Dismantling: Orano's Global Strenghts
Orano pulls together the specific expertise, know-how and technology required for reliable dismantling projects while also keeping costs and risks under control...
Marcoule: Orano an integral part of the world's largest nuclear dismantling project
With competition stiffening in the growth market of dismantling, Orano is, more than ever, emerging as a leading player in this segment...
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