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Orano Med is Orano's subsidiary specialised in nuclear medicine, based in France and the United States. At its laboratories in Bessines-sur-Gartempe (France) and Plano (Texas - USA), the entity is developing new therapies based on the use of radioactive elements to destroy cancer cells.

Key dates

  • 2006: 1st R&D programme for lead 212 (212Pb) extraction launched
  • 2009: Orano Med founded
  • 2011: Macrocyclics acquired in the USA
  • 2013: LMT commissioned, the 1st laboratory worldwide producing lead-212
  • 2013: ARCoLab commissioned
  • 2012: the world's 1st clinical trial using lead-212 is launched and the 1st patient treated

Nuclear medicine, an innovative approach to fighting cancer

Developing new promising treatments

Thanks to major strides in the field of nuclear medical research, Orano Med develops therapies proven effective in fighting cancer. One of them is targeted alphatherapy, based on the use of powerful and localised alpha-emitters. It enables targeting and destroying cancer cells, all the while limiting the impact on the surrounding healthy cells.

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