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Orano, an international specialist in the entire nuclear fuel cycle, has established itself around the world to mine, process and recycle uranium ore. The Group also has facilities dedicated to providing services and engineering, as well as research laboratories specializing in nuclear medicine.
Uranium mines
Using mining techniques at the cutting-edge of innovation, Orano draws ore from the earth as offered by each type of deposit.
Uranium transformation
With the Tricastin and Malvési plants, Orano has a state-of-the-art industrial facility in line with the latest safety and security standards.
Recycling spent fuel
Orano Group is the world leader in the recycling of used fuel from nuclear reactors worldwide.
Service and engineering activities
Orano brings its expertise to the fore in such fields as logistics, engineering consultancy and dismantling nuclear installations.
Nuclear medecine
Thanks to major strides in the field of nuclear medical research, Orano Med develops therapies proven effective in fighting cancer.
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